June 2017

Rock For Specials - Evergem (BE)

4EARS delivered crew & audio setup for this festival.

We had the pleasure to work with a lot of different bands such as Bazart, Spinvis, Admiral Freebee, Milow, The Sore Losers and many more…

Rock For Specials

Repmond Rock - Ruppelmonde (BE)

4EARS delivered sound & light.

Les Truttes, Clement Peerens Explosition and many more pleased the public with their show.


Genk On Stage - Stadsplein, Genk (BE)

4EARS delivered sound & light on mainstage.

Milow, Het Zesde Metaal, Arno and many more came by…

Genk On Stage

Gladiolen - Olen (BE)

4EARS delivered sound & light for Gladiolen.

Milow, Goose and many more came by…