Classic meets Rock

Rock In Harmony - Riemst (BE)

4EARS provided crew, audio & light production for the marvelous concert with Raf Van Brussel, Domino & Koninklijke Harmonie Sint Martinus Riemst.

Rock In Harmony

Ozark Henry - Roeselare Expo, Roeselare (BE)

A honest and pure way to bring a symphonic orchestra together with non-classical rock, that's what Ozark Henry did together with the National Orchestra of Belgium (NOB).

In march 2017 they played an event where 4EARS had the honor to deliver sound, light & crew.

Ozark Henry

Hooverphonic - Queen Elisabeth Hall, Antwerp (BE)

For their double concert with orchestra in March 2017, 4EARS delivered with pleasure the audio system for famous Belgian band Hooverphonic.