Goose - Lotto Arena

Since their debut album 'Bring It On' (2006) GOOSE enriched with strong melodies and live anthems.

Like The Guardian described, an 'onstage powerhouse, successfully bridging the gap between electronic music and rock'.

4EARS delivered crew & audio design for this wonderfull experience.

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Goose - De/Re construction

On four nights during INTERIEUR 2014, the Kortrijk-based band GOOSE will invade four levels of the Buda Tower located on the Buda Island in the heart of Kortrijk city.
GOOSE surprised the Interieur audience with a specially created design performance, which united various disciplines with the aim to surprise, question, confuse and inspire. De/ReConstruction allowed the audience to get close to GOOSE and to experience their music inside-out, from the point of view of the musician.

4EARS delivered audio solutions for this wonderfull experience.

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