All ears can feel the difference

The audience is listening. For us, being the best in sound design, translates into creating the finest experience for the listeners. While it is our privilege to augment and enhance the performances of artists and thought leaders, we know the true challenge lies on the recipient side. All ears have to hear and feel the difference.

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SOUND is our domain

4ears is in this field to be and stay the best. Our 25 years of activity have led to a deep focus on exceptional service and progressive technology. We are quick to adopt new developments and pioneering audio solutions into our operations. We not only absolutely love what we do, but our commitment is always consistently professional and serious.

Take a look at our advanced Soundscape Experience Centre, where we use the full potential of Soundscape (by d&b).

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4ears key production principles

  • We continuously invest in quality equipment and spearheading technology.
  • We relentlessly train to acquire advanced technical skills and level-up our application of proven techniques.
  • We always strive to attain top-level audio delivery with outstanding personal service.

This is premium sound design.

4ears covers the full project requirements for all types of audio events. From music concerts to festivals, specialty conventions and corporate symposiums.

Historically, we often work for the live, broadcast and studio industries. But there is a growing interest from the business events industry that seeks to offer its audience a superior audio experience.

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Why 4ears raises the standard of sound design?

A great sound design offers the audience a sense of true immersion. It seeks to make the audio delivery as natural and powerful as possible. Not only setting the mood but actively directing audience behaviour and expectations. Good sound design is always consciously targeted at maximum result.

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